We are taking COVID-19 very seriously at Sparkling Jewellery, as a result it may delay your order slightly it will definitely delay any return to us.

Work stations are regularly sanitised.  Staff have access to full PPE including Masks for packing orders.

Where possible we will be working from home, and our doors are firmly shut to the public for the time being.  While we understand this can be frustrating it is part of the procedure we have put in place to keep customers and our staff safe.  

In the event that any one catches COVID-19 we will be closing our doors while everyone self isolates.

Please understand that if you call the phone and it is not answered that it could be because we are unable to be in the building that day.  Correspond by email where needed.  You do not need to speak to us if you wish to return an item just fill in the form sent with the item.  When we can we will be processing them but allow extra time for this to happen as our post is collected from a central place it is not delivered to us as you receive your post.

Support our small business we hope to ride the COVID storm and be able to reopen but we can only do that if our customers keep on buying!

Keep Safe