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Sparkling Jewellery’s name is instantly recognisable to their ‘Icoinic’ two coin necklace. The double coin necklace was designed by Sparkling Jewellery founder, Sappho Brammer, almost 10 years ago and is now seen on a daily basis around the necks of everyones favourite celebrities, along with the more recent additions to the ‘Icoinic’ range.

Sappho is a bespoke, bench jeweller by trade and an accredited member of the British Jewellers Association and whether customers are buying a bespoke, handmade diamond engagement ring or a replica, gold plate coin necklace, they can always be confident that they will be receiving amazing quality, long lasting pieces.

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Caring for and Re-Plating a Coin Necklace

Caring for and Re-Plating a Coin Necklace

Caring for and Re-Plating a Coin Necklace we offer a low priced maintenance and re dipping service for coin necklaces purchased from us. 

Your beautiful Sparkling Jewellery Coin necklaces are plated with rhodium (part of the platinum family) or real 22ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold.  The metal (brass or alloy) has is nickel free and the content is the current European norms and tested for nickel allergy.  it is finished by hand with great care.  It is not meant to be worn 24/7 just as you wouldn't take a shower or go to the gym in your favourite outfit.  Moisture and chemicals might spoil its colour and finish this includes perfume, body lotion, suntan cream, swimming pools, saunas and fake tan.

In there event that your item does become tarnished or the plate wears we offer a re plating service it costs just £7.50 to re-plate your necklace and return to you by signed for post.  To take advantage of this please order a re-plate here and return to us at 

March 27, 2019 by iLuvm Ltd
Dry January

Dry January

Dry January and why we will not be supporting it.
January 04, 2019 by iLuvm Ltd

Hand Stamped Name Bangles

Our new name bangles and introduction to PNK Lettuce our sister website
September 17, 2018 by Hollie Huggins