Rectangle Blue Chalcedony Cabochon Silver Ring


rectangle blue cabochon silver ring.  Powder blue chalcedony an opaque baby blue with a slight aqua hue cut and polished set in sterling silver with high shine luxurious rhodium finish.  Chalcedony is part of the quartz family.  Each stone will have different characteristics due to the hand cutting and polishing.  

Known as the Speakers Stone, it is excellent for public speakers, actors who have been known to rub it on their lips.  It is said to have powers to overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking.  Lawyers have been know to touch chalcedony stones with their tongues while listening to their opponents to enhance counter arguments.

The throat chakra it aligns the wearer the voice of the body, a pressure valve to allow energy from other chakras to be expressed, communicating ideas, beliefs and emotions. 

This ring could easily be sized up or down.

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