St Christopher Protect Us 925 Sterling Silver Necklace


A Sterling Silver 925 St Christopher single coin necklace. Hung on a sterling silver chain to match. A beautiful gift idea for a Christening, Baptism or for anyone on their travels. 

• 16", 18" 20" Chain
• Size: 23mm diameter

This patron of travelers gets his patronage from a thirteenth-century legend about a giant man. This man lived alone along the bank of a raging river. He would help travelers cross the raging river in safety, so it happened one day he helped a small child traveling alone to cross. Thus was derived the universally accepted imagery of the patron saint of travel carrying a small child on his shoulders as he crosses a turbulent river. The legend has it the child Jesus is the one on his shoulders being provided safety in his travels. This legendary figure was supposedly based upon a giant man who lived in the fourth century. 

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