Diary of a Two Coin Necklace - Happy Holidays!
The time of year is upon us where all of those niggly little days like Valentines and Mother’s Day are getting out of the way, and Summer is in sight even though the weather would still suggest it is mid-November in the arctic. When March comes around we all loathe those ultra-organised people who booked their holiday a year ago or in the January sales, and scramble to get ourselves a good deal.


Lucky for me, being an iconic two coin necklace gives me some great job perks and I get to travel around loads for free. If you haven’t heard of our two coin range, you can check out our new website for more details. If you do, and you are just being nosey, here are a few snap shots from my holiday adventures with various people.


Paris with Ashley James

Ashley James wearing Icoinic Two Coin Necklace


J’adore Paris! C’est bon. Here I am with famous blogger Ashley James in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in the world and I must say, the Eiffel Tower was a lot bigger than I thought it was. France is a bit hit and miss with the weather depending on where you go, so it’s a good job people have told me I’m so stylish I could dress up a bin liner.  I wouldn’t advise wearing a bin liner to potter around the Louvre though, you might get some strange looks!


Ibiza with Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan wearing ICOINIC Two Coin Holly Necklace


With all that culture in Paris, it was inevitable I wanted to let my hair down and go on a party holiday. There is no other place on this earth more famous for a good time than Ibiza, and seeing as me and Michelle go way back she took me along for the ride.

Thailand with Kelly Jackson (blogger) 

Thailand with Kelly Jackson (blogger)


There are plenty of holiday destinations with lots of sights to see and things to experience, but Thailand has got to top them all. My blogger friend Kelly took me on a ten day trip to Phuket, and although the sun and sea can do me a little bit of damage, the nightlife doesn’t, so she took me out on a little jaunt down Bangla Road, which is one of the main ‘strips’ with all of the bars and clubs. It’s all fun and games and excellent to see different cultures, however one thing I would advise anyone going – stay away from the local alcohol!

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