Sparkling Jewellery’s name is instantly recognisable to their ‘Icoinic’ two coin necklace. The double coin necklace was designed by Sparkling Jewellery founder, Sappho Brammer, almost 10 years ago and is now seen on a daily basis around the necks of everyones favourite celebrities, along with the more recent additions to the range.


Sappho is a bespoke, bench jeweller by trade and an accredited member of the British Jewellers Association and whether customers are buying a bespoke, handmade diamond engagement ring or a replica, gold plate coin necklace, they can always be confident that they will be receiving amazing quality, long lasting pieces.


Over the last decade our original two-coin necklace has truly stood the test of time and is still just as popular as it ever was. Trends have come and gone but our best seller is more than just a trend.


The Icoinic Collection has evolved over the years, so whether you prefer the classic replica design or genuine sovereign, two coins or single coin, we have just the thing for you. In a range of finishes from sterling silver to rose gold plate, each necklace can be as individual as it's wearer.


The Icoinic Collection has adorned celebrities from the UK to USA and back, featured in countless media publications and a regular on the television. Rest assured though, you don't have to be A-List to be Icoinic. 


Our classic designs are perfect for anytime day or night, formal or casual, we know your coins will become a part of you.
We offer the highest level of customer service and we are confident you will adore your purchase from our famous Icoinic Collection and any of our other ranges. Our quick dispatch and postage along with our gift wrapping service will be sure to impress.


We own all of our designs so don't accept imitations and be Icoinic.